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SHAW Mediation Australia is national mediation firm. Our services are offered Australia-wide by practitioners in each State around the country. We offer voluntary mediation opportunities to everyone for all types of disputes anywhere, anytime for fixed scaled fees.

Our mediators are nationally accredited and have a legal background. SHAW Mediation Australia Mediators are qualified in mediation and law and all comply with ongoing professional development and are committed to the ethos and guidelines of the Mediation Standards of the Mediation Standards Board. All mediators are accredited by a Recognised Mediators Accreditation Body. This means that SHAW Mediators have the emotional intelligence, training and skills to facilitate productive mediations. Our mediators are patient, kind and passionate about helping you to achieve your desired outcome. We take time to understand your concerns and can succinctly articulate and summarise your perspective and concerns. We remain independent throughout and do everything to make sure you feel safe and supported at all times.

We are there in the mediation with you to level the playing field, balance any power imbalance and ensure respectful behaviour at all times by everyone. SHAW Mediators guide and facilitate the mediation process. Our mediators are future focused and non-judgemental. As an independent third-party, SHAW Mediators facilitate discussion, brainstorming of options and the thorough exploration of your concerns. SHAW mediators are insightful into relationships and the potential barriers to your settlement. We are confident to ask the difficult questions and drill down into the real issues and reality test options with you. However, you are always in control. You decide how you want your mediation to end. The outcomes are decided by you and can then be legally formalised by your lawyer so that they are enforceable. We believe that mediation is the viable alternative dispute resolution because it is cost-effective, quicker, private and convenient and offers the opportunity for you to decide on creative and lasting agreements. We can help you to resolve all kinds of disputes - no matter whether the dispute is personal or commercial, and across all ages, genders and industries.

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1993 University of Adelaide - Bachelor of Laws
1992 University of Adelaide - Bachelor of Arts (Jurisprudence)
1999-2013 Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia - Practitioner Member
2005 University of South Australia - Masters of Business Administration
2010 Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice Workshop - Collaborative Divorce Australia
2011 Bond University - Dispute Resolution Centre Mediation Certificate
2011 to date Law Society of South Australia - Accredited under the National Mediator
Accreditation System
2013 Law Society - Mediation Workshop Facilitator
2013 AIFLAM - Training Family Law Arbitration
2013 AIFLAM - Practitioner Member
2014 University of South Australia - Graduate Certificate of Mediation
2014 IAMA - Practitioner Member
2014 Leadr - Practitioner Member
2014 ADR Committee of Law Society of SA - Practitioner Member
2014 ReturnToWorkSA - Panel of Mediators Mediator
2015 Magistrates Court of SA - Panel of Mediators Mediator
2015 Attorney Generalís Department - Registered FDRP

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Alison is appointed on the panel of mediators for the Magistrates Court of South Australia and ReturnToWorkSA.
At SHAW Mediation Australia, Alison now has the opportunity to focus on mediation. After many years of negotiation and litigation as a lawyer, Alison is now mediating all disputes.
Alison is referred mediations by accountants, lawyers, barristers and former clients and has performed mediations in family law disputes about property settlement and parenting arrangements, return to work arrangements between employers and employees, franchise disputes and neighbourhood disputes.

SHAW Mediators have an extensive array of experience including:
Aboriginal issues, accountancy, aged care, arts & entertainment, banking & finance, bankruptcy & insolvency, business, clubs & associations, construction & engineering, consumer/fair trading & product liability, contract, conveyancing, defamation, environment & planning, equal opportunity, sexual harassment & discrimination, family, franchising, government privatisation and outsourcing, immigration, industrial relations, insurance, intellectual property, local government, maritime, media & communications, medical negligence, neighbourhood, partnership, personal injury & property damage, privacy, professional negligence, property/retail shop leases & conveyancing, resources & energy, sports law, taxation & superannuation, tourism & hospitality, trade practices, trusts, wills estates & succession, workers compensation workplace disputes.

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Adoption   ,   Insurance   ,   Environmental   ,   Governmental   ,   Community   ,   Civil   ,   Family   ,   Mass Claims   ,   Large & Complex Cases   ,   Judge   ,   Commercial   ,   Construction   ,   Workforce   ,   Employment   ,   International   ,   Healthcare   ,   Banking   ,   IP   ,   Real Estate   ,   Child Law   ,   Architects   ,   Business   ,   Professional Negligence   ,   Bankruptcy   ,   Workplace   ,   Training   ,   Personal Injury   ,   Landlord & Tenant   ,   Divorce   ,   Medical   ,   Wills & Probate   ,   Relationships   ,   Sexual Orientation

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