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The firm specializes in the resolution of disputes relating to commercial matters, personal or marital conflict and financial difficulties and debt resolution.; Commercial Disputes, Marital Disputes,Personal Disputes, Financial Disputes, Employment Disputes
Rental Disputes, Shareholder/Partnership Disptes


Leahy Mediation is a mediation service, set up by Chartered Accountant, Gerard Leahy, in 2010 to provide a mediation service for the resolution of disputes in a respectful cost-effective manner.


I am a Chartered Accountant and an accredited Mediator with Mediation Forum Ireland. I managed my own successful accountancy practice with offices in Kerry and Clare for over thirty years before passing over to my son in 2010. In my business life, which ran parrallel to my accountancy practice, I controlled a number of retail Toymaster toy stores, was finance director to a public limited company and owned and managed the the leasehold interests of a number of restaurants and offices in Dublin from 1994 to 2004.I first encountered mediation when I went through a marital seperation in 1997 and I decided to put my personal and business experience into the provision of a mediation service through Leahy Mediation Services in 2010.

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Commercial   ,   Employment   ,   Bankruptcy   ,   Landlord & Tenant   ,   Divorce

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