02/27/2019 - ABC's Michelle Guthrie ordered to mediate over dismissal

Previous ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie and the ABC have been ordered to go into mediation over Ms Guthrie's sacking from the broadcasting giant last year.

The former managing director was ousted from the top job in September 2018, half way through a five year contract.

Ms Guthrie is suing the broadcaster.

Former chairman Justin Milne, and current board members Vanessa Guthrie, Joseph Gersh and Donny Walford are also listed as respondents in the case.

After unsuccessful conciliation meetings between Ms Guthrie and the ABC at the Fair Work Commission last year, the matter has now moved to the Federal Court in Sydney.

At the first case management hearing today, the court heard all parties have agreed to go to mediation, though there were still some issues being disputed.

Barrister Yaseen Shariff of ABC told the court the national broadcaster and board members associated with the case wanted Ms Guthrie to file a statement of claim before mediation talks, so they had more information to work with.

Justice Jayne Jagot said she believed it was in the best interests of everyone involved for the case to go to mediation as soon as possible.

Her Honour ordered the parties to come together for mediation next month.

The case will then return to court in April.



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