12/10/2021 - Oz Government sets up IP mediation referral service

The Oz Government has established an intellectual property (IP) Mediation Referral Service for IP right holders to access mediation providers as a low cost and effective alternative to resolve IP related disputes. Mediation has been used globally to resolve IP disputes and shown to be highly effective with up to 70 per cent being resolved. The Government claims the new service will:

Promote a mediation referral service as an alternative to the resolution of IP related matters,
assist parties in the selection of private sector mediators only from a panel of qualified and accredited individuals or providers,enhance our role in providing information and support services in relation to IP disputes, encourage visibility of mediation services available for Australian IP applicants and owners.

The Government continues: IP Mediation Referral Service provides small to medium-sized enterprises access to qualified, accredited and specialist mediation providers. If you’re an Australian IP applicant or owner with an IP related dispute you can directly engage with a private sector mediator that suits your needs.

The value of your IP relies on your ability to enforce and defend your IP rights so it’s important to understand your options. In Australia, you can enforce your IP rights either before or after it’s granted or registered. This can be done through oppositions and hearing processes or litigation through the court system.



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